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Communitize Ltd is the owner operator of a number of brands in the marketing, research and technology industries. We are proud to count many of the world's leading brands amoungst our highly valued and growing customer base. 

Digital Doughnut is a global community for Digital Marketing professionals who come together on and offline to share information, understanding and best practices in Digital Marketing. The community reaches over 1.5 million marketers worldwide through the website, various social channels and the Digital Marketing group on LinkedIn

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London Research produces research-based content and insights for enterprise businesses seeking to educate and engage B2B audiences. Our approach is carefully tailored to our clients’ sales and marketing objectives, whether brand awareness, thought leadership or lead generation. 

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Demand Exchange is an advanced syndication platform that allows B2B enterprise companies to share content assets across aligned vertical websites in order to generate opted-in, validated and verified sales leads at scale. 

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